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  • How long will my item take?
    Turn around time is an estimated 12-15 weeks, your item may be posted to you sooner however i will email and let you know when your chosen item is finished and on its way to you, likewise if it has taken any longer than the estimated turnaround time i will be in touch to inform you, all orders are on a first come first serve basis and will be completed in the order that they were placed.
  • Do you offer portrait work?
    Yes i you can have portraits and realism from any fandom as well as animation and characters, if you'd like to discuss any ideas for your design before order please feel free to reach out and ask me some questions
  • Can I send in my own items for you to paint?
    No unfortunately not, any dust to dirt that the shoes or item will have accumulated in the time it has been used or worn can have an affect on the paint adhering to the surface and therefore the longevity of your item. I only paint on brand new items that i have ordered directly from the manufacturer, your items are included in the overall price.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes i can ship internationally, shipping is at an extra cost and will be calculated and added to your total bill. Customers are responsible for any extra VAT/Customs fees/Duties/Taxes associated with shipping to your country of choice.
  • Will the paint come off when wet?
    No all items are painted using a high quality paint and then sealed afterwards, they are also sprayed with a water and stain repellent so if you get caught in the rain they'll be fine. Its worth remembering that these aren't just normal shoes they're a piece of art so you still do need to take care of them.
  • How can I clean my shoes?
    Your shoes can be gently cleaned with warm water and a cloth.
  • What if I don't know my shoe size?
    Customers are responsible for providing the correct shoe size of their item and for correctly converting their shoe size into UK sizes if ordering internationally as that is where i am based, no refund can be offered if the wrong size has been requested. I highly recommend trying on the particular brand of shoe that you would like to purchase to make sure your shoes will fit properly.
  • Do you do a waiting list?
    Unfortunately not, all of my orders are done on a first come first served basis and once the maximum number of orders have been placed that i can take on the shop will be closed until those orders are fulfilled and i can take on any more commissions.
  • Can I get the same item that you've already done?
    You can always request the same character that i have painted before however all the artwork that i create is unique and one of a kind so will not be repeated the same as before therefore will be slightly different.
  • What if I change my mind halfway through?
    Once we've gone through your design and I've started painting your artwork there can be no changes made, the paint cannot be removed therefore it would mean ordering a new item adding more cost to the customer and eating into extra time of the next person who is waiting for their custom painted order.
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